Art Resource Sites

Here are  sites that I routinely visit and download like mad from:

Stock Xchange
FreePhotosBank StockVault

Celebrity City Celebutopia MV Pic Forums

Oxoniensis Home of the Nutty Screencap Paradise

Snaps Smallville caps on DI

OSCK Smallville Gallery

Confessor and the Seeker Society – Legend of the Seeker Caps/Promos



Photoshop Support – Links to TONS of brush sites.

500ml Brushes

PS Brushes

IHEA’s Vector Brushes

Anodyne Stock Brushes

Azurylipfe Brushes & Stock

Exotika’s Brushes

Fantasy Brushes

Magical Viper Brushes

Blinding Light Brushes

WyckedBrush’s Deviant Gallery

Seleneheart’s Brushes

Valhalla Vania Brushes

Dreamon72’s Brushes

Bi-Extacy’s Brushes

PhysicalMagic’s Brushes

SpiritCoda’s Brushes

Solernero73’s Vector Brushes

Ro-Stock’s Brushes, Stock, Textures

Goodxriddence Brushes

Yasny-Chan’s Brushes

Lycheese’s Brushes

Aeiryn’s Brushes

1LoveDevine’s Brushes


Urban Fonts

Free TERMINATOR fonts!

Gradiants/Textures/ other PS stuff


Literary Spring

Azurylipfe Brushes & Stock

Brusheezy for Patterns

Scully7491 Brushes

Seleneheart’s Gradients & Textures

Yasny-Chan’s Patterns

Art Tutorial Sites


Free Photoshop Guides

Apt Irrelevance

Literary Spring


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