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Avatar Movie Set 1 – CS4 Photoshop Brushes

Posted in Avatar, Movies, Photoshop Brushes with tags , , , , on December 25, 2009 by erikab1123

I was planning on making one big file for these but my Photoshop decided that I should make them into smaller batches. So here’s round 1 of Brushes for AVATAR. Brush sizes range from 1920 to 600 pixels in length.

Made in CS4 – so if you have Photoshop versions older than say CS2 they might not work for you. Includes AVATAR title brush.

Click on thumb to download:

thAvatarBrushSet1.jpg picture by Erika_PLJ

Smallville/Superman Clark Lois (Clois) Brushes

Posted in Photoshop Brushes, Smallville, Tutorials & Photoshop Extras with tags , , , , on December 18, 2008 by erikab1123

I made them all in Photoshop CS2 so if you have an earlier version than like CS, these might not load properly – sorry!

These are some of the first brushes that I made. When you use them you might need to do a slight bit of erasing to clean up some random junk that made its way onto the brushes, but I cleaned them up the best that I could.

Here’s my example sheet of some of the brushes I’ve made:


Here’s my card – feel free to copy and paste it onto your site to advertise


Clark Brushes

Clois Noir Brushes

Lois Lane Brushes

All Brushes in one huge file

Supermanish SV Brushes

Legend of the Seeker Photoshop CS2 Brushes

Posted in Legend of the Seeker, Photoshop Brushes, Tutorials & Photoshop Extras with tags , , on December 18, 2008 by erikab1123

I made a series of 23 brushes in varying sizes for LEGEND OF THE SEEKER. Brushes include several landscapes, text, maps, Kahlan’s eye, the LOTS logo, and some other images and goodies from the show.

Brushes were made in PhotoShop CS2, so if you’ve got a version lower than that they might not work. If you use credit would be nice…but it’s not necessary, just let me know if you download. Enjoy!

Click on Banner to access zip file (if link dies let me know and I’ll reload.)


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