Terms of Use

Any and all of my artwork is free for you to use and download to use for your personal needs.

I do ask however that you follow these simple rules:

1) DO NOT CLAIM ANY OF MY ARTWORK AS YOUR OWN. I have a very unique style to my artwork and claiming that you made it is rude and will likely bite you in the butt when people ask you how you made it.

2) DO NOT REPOST ANY OF MY ARTWORK WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. I spent the better part of an afternoon culling through FANPOP and requested an enormous amount of my artwork to be removed from there. Again, reposting my art is the equivalent of saying that it is your own.

3) DO NOT ALTER MY ARTWORK. This means don’t put text on my walls or avatars and suddenly think that by doing so that it is now your own…because it is NOT. If I didn’t put any text on my avis – they’re not blanks for you to put text on them yourself. Find the images, crop your own avatars and make them yourself if you want to change mine.

4) DO NOT ASK ME HOW I MAKE MY ARTWORK. I spent over 2 years developing my trademark “illustrated” style of artwork. I don’t have any tutorials available, nor do I plan to ever make any. Thank you for enjoying my work, but please don’t ask me how I did it because I’m not telling.

5) CREDIT: Link-backs and credits are nice. I’m always happy for new people to find my work.

10 Responses to “Terms of Use”

  1. I was wondering if I have your permission to use your Avatar wallpaper at my site. I have given you credit in my youtube profile. If not send me a mail and I’ll remove it, and cry probably. It’s very good.

    My other website..


    I hardly use it.

    • erikab1123 Says:

      Hey Phil – not a problem. So long as I get credit (which you gave me, I’m glad to let you use it ๐Ÿ™‚ )

      • Thanks ever so.. keep up the work it’s great. Avatar rules, so do you! ๐Ÿ™‚



      • erikab1123 Says:

        Hah! Will do. Once I get around to capping the film I’ll be doing more artwork from it ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Erika! First I want to tell you your work is simply wonderful! I love coming here and seeing all … I love Clois and everything you do is perfect! Congratulations!
    I went into a community Clois orkut, and when we find things related to Clois disclose lรก.Eu posted some of his pictures there for the girls and also the address of your blog, so they could see all the wonderful things you do ..
    Sorry have not contacted you before, is that just today I found this space to talk to you.
    I’m from Brazil and my English is not very good! Gave to realize it?! kkkkk
    To date I have not figured out how to become a member of its blog.Snif!
    Thanks for everything!
    If you think I should not disclose the address of your blog and your photos, please excuse me! Let me know so I delete the comment from the community.
    A great day! Smack

  3. Hi!

    I absolutely love your picture of Kahlan Amnell that you titled “Special Smile” I’m Roleplaying Kahlan on a Legend of the Seeker website and would like to use the picures as my Avatar and signature. Let me know if this is ok with you.


  4. Talath Dirnen Says:

    Hi! May I post one of yours Darken Rahl Art Works in LJ community with a Link to you wonderful site? With all credits of couse and so on.

  5. I have a question what coppermine theme are using I want one just like it I look all over online to find a good layout that all I can do easily is change the background and the the header made a cool header for my gallery but the themes I come across suck I want something like the one you have or the same one please tell me. I want to display all my wallpapers and stuff on my website and coppermine looks like the best way to do so. email me please.

  6. love your artwork, especially the starwars ones. Thanks so much!!!

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