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Wallpaper Challenge “Blending” Award

Posted in Affiliates, Site News on December 28, 2010 by erikab1123

Thanks to the wonderful folks over at BuffyForums I won an award for “Best Blending” on my recent Nikita “Truce” piece that I entered into HeroSplinter’s challenge – The Encore: The first Show. Here’s the wall and the awesome/beautiful award!


Join “The Fanartist Collective”

Posted in Affiliates, Site News with tags , , , , , on November 23, 2010 by erikab1123

Are you a Fanartist or Fan Video maker? Join The Fanartist Collective!

I have created a brand new community that is specifically designed as a place for creative folks to gather, share their knowledge and participate in challenges! It’s called The Fanartist Collective.

The forum is designed for fanartists and video makers from all sorts of genres. The idea behind it is that we all have different shows, fandoms that we love – this board will be a place where artists from all over the place can merge into one spot and meet new people! Also maybe we can learn things from folks who work in other genres that we might never see their work otherwise. It should be a great place for new and old friends to gather and talk about art & video making!

The site is now open for signing up with! Things are very empty – so please jump right in and start uploading your stuff. Navigation is pretty easy to follow.

Click on banner to access!

Gallery Access – Technical issues?

Posted in Site News on November 5, 2010 by erikab1123

Hi there,

I’ve recently received a rash of inquiries stating that the images in my gallery aren’t accessible. From my end I’ve tested it on Firefox and Internet Explorer on my PC and everything opens fine.

If you receive:

  • A 403 error – it’s possible that our servers have dinged your IP address as spam and have blocked you. If that’s the case, there’s nothing that we can do about that. You’ll need to refresh your IP address (look up how to do that online) or try from a different location.
  • If you’re trying to access using a phone – PHP scripting isn’t designed to be used with phones…sorry, you’ll have to use a computer. I don’t make phone wallpapers anyways.
  • If you are a student at your school trying to access my walls on a school computer, it’s possible that your administration has firewall settings such that you won’t be able to view them…again, this is out of my control. Just wait and try to view them at home.
  • If you are on a MAC, don’t use Safari, use either Firefox or Internet Explorer – those browsers work better.
  • If you try to access a page and keep getting the same error message, you may need to clear your browsers cache. Go to the top of your browser, goto HELP>About and find what version of the browser that you have and go online and look for instructions on how to clear out your cache if you are unfamiliar with the process. Once you’ve cleared the cache, restart the browser.

If none of these things above pertain to your situation, feel free to drop me a note, but you need to tell me specifics on how you’re trying to access my gallery. What browser are you using? What version? etc. Just complaining to me that things don’t open for you without providing me any details to go on doesn’t help me any to try to diagnose the problem.

UPDATE: It appears that many people are getting the 403 error message (which isn’t normal,) I’ll have to contact my server company to find out what’s going on. As it is, I’m looking into new gallery options – so bear with me, I’m not the coding expert for galleries and need to wait on my sister who’s been working extra hours at her job. Until then, my screencaps are all accessible so please, enjoy them!

Gallery Update

Posted in Site News on October 1, 2010 by erikab1123

Hi everyone –

So we’re having issues with the server where my gallery is hosted. We’re going to have to move it to new servers, which likely won’t happen until this weekend.

Please be patient with me – wallpaper access will return, but it’ll be a few days. Screencaps are fully available.

Thanks for your patience!


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