Richard/Kahlan “Rescuing Zedd” WIZARD Wallpaper & Avatars


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One Response to “Richard/Kahlan “Rescuing Zedd” WIZARD Wallpaper & Avatars”

  1. Seeker Lives On Says:


    I’m doing the rounds to let everyone know that Seeker costumes from the New Zealand set will be available on eBay next week. But…… first things first, you’re art work is beautiful. I’m really taken aback and overwhelmed by the stunning Seeker art on the internet. Yours is inspiring. Thanks for sharing!!!!!

    Hey and back to the costumes…. there are 2 Mord Sith full costumes, a Sister Nicky dress, a White Confessor gown and a Dark Confessor gown (actually worn by Bridget). All other costumes were used by stunties. The costumes are exceptional. The costume department outdid themselves! If you wanna have a look, check out Seeker Lives On on Facebook and SeekerLivesOn on Twitter. I’ll have some sneak peak photos up on Wed on Facebook.

    Keep your art flowing!

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