New Clois S9 Introspective Essay

I have a new Clois essay that I’ve posted over on my Superman fans for Lois blog:

The Broken Hearted are the walking Dead – Macy – crazy jewelry store owner in COMMITTED.

If last season was all about Clark & Lois openly denying their feelings for each other, the fear of losing each other is an underlining theme this season between Lois and Clark. For Lois it’s been more subtle than Clark’s tormented brooding. In SAVIOR/METALLO – Lois appears lost without Clark around. She is happy when Blur calls her and becomes his sidekick (it’s very exciting to be singled out by a celebrity,) but this is a pale substitute to what her heart really wants. She caresses Clark’s nametag, she goes to his house hoping to see him, she clings to his dog for dear life and even pup-naps Shelby in hope that will bring him to her, and when she finally does see Clark at the end of METALLO we get a reunion of absolute and unguarded joy. Wow you must’ve really missed me! Clark has no idea how true those words were all of her greatest fears that she experienced when she zapped back in time from the end of PANDORA had vanished the second that she laid eyes on him again.

Click HERE to read the whole thing!

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