My Fanfiction Collection

This is a listing of all of the fanfiction that I’ve written over the years.


Anakin & Padme Vignette Collection *Vignettes/One Shots*
Sandstorm Celebration *Short Story*
Stranded *Vignette/One Shot**
Alderaan Blessings
*Short Story*
Memories of my Beloved Alderaan *Short Story*
The Passing of the Torch *Vignette/One Shot*
Episode 1: The Republic Show *Vignette/One Shot*

My Alternate Reality EU series
(EU= Expanded Universe – all of these stories are set years after RETURN OF THE JEDI and focus on the extended families of Leia & Han and Luke and Mara Jade. You don’t need to know anything about the EU to enjoy reading them since I wrote my own mythology.)

Destinies Entwined: Part 1 Jaina’s Journey *Novel*
Destinies Entwined: Part 2 Nubian Son -Family Skeletons *Novel*
Destinies Entwined: Part 3 Unmasked Soul – Roots of Evil *Novel*
To Court A Queen *Novel*
Legacy of Light *Short Story*
Carida Avenged: Unnatural Selection *Novel*
Carida Avenged: Purity Controlabandoned story..


Lois and Clark Vignettes *Vignettes/One Shots*
Redlust *Short Story*
Superman: Destiny Embraced *Novel*
Superman: Fractured RealityIn Progress Novel


Unspoken Want *Vignette/One Shot*
The Burden of Power *Vignette/One Shot*

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