15 New Legend of the Seeker Avatars & Jennsen Wallpaper

So we have this challenge thing that’s ongoing over at The Confessor and the Seeker Society called Icon Battles that I decided to enter even though I’m NOT an icon artist. I’ve been wanting to do things that pushed my abilities so this was hard for me. I did realize though that I could make artwork using images that never quite fit into wallpapers this way though. I’m notorious for prettying up pics and then never using them if a wallpaper doesn’t work out for me. I can now go back and just make icons using the pictures 🙂 All of the avis can also be found in my gallery – they’re likely prettier since they haven’t been compressed.

1) [image] 2) [image] 3) [image]

4) [image] 5) [image] 6) [image]

7) [image] 8) [image] 9) [image]

10) [image] 11) [image] 12) [image]

13) [image] 14) [image] 15) [image]

I loved how the Jennsen avi came out so much that I made a wallpaper to match it!

Available in 3 sizes: 1680×1050 1440×900 1280×800


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